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My name is Meredith Kirk

I am a Houston based wedding and portrait photographer. I specialize in capturing natural, elegant and timeless moments that reflect the love you share with those closest to you.
I am inspired by the fresh greens of an outdoor setting, traveling to new places, taking in sunset against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape and hearing the excited, joy-filled love stories of my clients.

meredith kirk houston film wedding photographer portrait
valdemossa spain landscape photo by meredith kirk


As a fine art photographer, I take the time to slow down, and capture the storyline of your relationship in a magical way. I believe your photographs should spark joy and help you relive genuine moments of your love together.

It has always been my priority to create a client-centric business. Whether I'm expanding my skills and honing my craft in photography, or serving my clients beyond taking their pictures, my hope is that as an MK client you will feel loved, valued and supported.


Why I Shoot Film...

There are three simple reasons why I am so passionate about shooting film: 1) the experience and 2) the aesthetic and 3) the process.

The Experience:

In the iPhones and Instagram era, we take more photos than any generation before us. But, these photos live on our devices, and we hardly ever go back to see these memories. 

There is something extra special about taking a photo and not being able to review it right away on a digital display. Receiving film photos in the mail (or in your inbox) is a unique event that allows you to relive the excitement of a moment again and again.

The Aesthetic:

The way light is captured on a film stock is entirely different than the sensors in a digital camera, which means film is an incredibly flexible medium with a classic aesthetic. Film captures the rawness and realness of a moment in ways that our digital cameras cannot. 

The Process:

As a photographer, shooting film forces me to slow down and think through every image before clicking the shutter. Slowing down ensures I'm only capturing the best pictures and allows me to spend less time hiding behind my camera and more time watching and observing, leaving me ready to capture special moments you may not even be aware happened on your wedding day.


35MM & Medium Format (120)

I primarily shoot on medium format cameras, which take 120 film stocks. What exactly does that mean, and why should you care? 35MM film is the equivalent of the quality of a standard digital photo. Think of 120 film like a larger canvas. More information can be captured on the film stock since it is larger. I love to use my 35MM to capture candid moments and some portraits, but most images will be photographed in medium format. You can expect to receive a healthy mix of 35MM and medium format photos in your gallery.

Prepping For Your Shoot

I usually shoot 6-8 rolls of medium format film per hour at sessions or on a wedding day. Before your shoot, I ensure I have enough film (plus a little extra) for all the hours of coverage you have purchased. All my film gets packed up the day before your shoot. I also ensure my backup cameras (both film and digital) are ready in case they are needed. Note: I do shoot digitally, at times, when the situation is better suited for a digital platform. For example - a dark reception hall or an indoor ceremony space where the loud shutter of a film camera may be distracting.

Shipping & Development

After your event is over, I safely package all of your film and ship it overnight to an incredibly high quality development lab. Once the film has arrived at the lab, they begin to process the order by developing and scanning the film. Depending on the time of year, turnaround times can be anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks. I try my best to communicate the lab's current turn around at the time of your shoot. But please be sure to let me know if you need images back by a specific date. Rush options are available for an additional cost per roll.

Film Scans & Gallery Delivery

Once I have received film scans back from the lab, I bring all of your digital and film photos together for editing. Editing time will depend on the number of photos taken during your session/wedding day. I typically edit a full session in 1-2 days, and a full wedding in 4-5 weeks. Once all of your images are edited, I will curate and upload your final gallery. Through your gallery you will be able to favorite photos, order prints, download your images and share the link with your friends and family.

Some of my favorite things

My Fiancé

houston photographer meredith kirk

I might be slightly biased, but I think I have the best fiancé ever. I'm so blessed to have Hunter and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him! I am so grateful to Jenny Ren for taking our engagement photos!