Excitement abounds after booking your engagement session, but this question enters your head: "...but what should we wear???"

When I first started taking photos, I was surprised by the number of clients that became overwhelmed trying to pick out a wardrobe for their engagement photos. I began offering styling assistance to clients when they booked a session with me in response to this. Immediately, I noticed the guides helped the couple experience less stress in the planning stages and put them more at ease on their shoot because they weren't worried about whether or not they should change into one of the other 4 dresses that made their way into the car.

While my styling services are much more expansive than this post, I thought it would be helpful to share a few tips to help streamline the decision-making process to create a stress-free engagement session prep.

Tip 1: Pick one outfit

Yes, I have a lot of couples that will do an outfit change midway through their session. Many photographers encourage outfit changes because it leads to more variety in their portfolios. But, if the idea of selecting outfits already stressing you out, don't make it more complicated by feeling obligated to choose two. Choose one outfit that you love. This means less stress leading up to your shoot, and on your session day, you will have more time to take photos and enjoy the time with your significant other. If it doesn't stress you out and you want a variety, by all means, go for two!

Tip 2: Dress it up

First off, it isn't every day that you get professional photos taken. Second, these pictures will commemorate this exciting and memorable season of your life. After you get your photos back, they will likely be printed for photo albums or framed and placed around your together home. If that doesn't convince you, consider that you will most likely be using these photos on save the date cards and on your wedding website - you'll never regret dressing up and looking your best for these photos.

Tip 3: Wear white or your wedding colors

When it comes to choosing a dress, there are endless options that can seem overwhelming. Here is a simple way to narrow down your dress options. First, stick with a silhouette that you already know is flattering on your body. There is no need to re-invent the wheel in your wardrobe. You know your body best, and you know what you love wearing. After selecting your preferred silhouette, look for a dress that is either white (because you are the bride after all) or reflects the color palette of your wedding. These two simple steps will narrow down your choices to options you know you will love and ensure your engagement photos are cohesive with your wedding later on.

Tip 4: If you're both wearing color, make it complementary

I recommend wearing complementary colors in your shoot, not matching colors. Choosing a color palette (usually your wedding colors) will help your styles be more cohesive on camera. You should each aim to wear a different dominant color but stay within the color palette you've selected for your photos.

Solid colors or soft/small patterns are best. I don't recommend large prints or large logos as it tends to draw the eye away from the most critical part of the photograph – you!

Remember, these are not hard and fast rules, just guidelines that can help orient your energy to more meaningful and exciting things besides your clothing. I hope that sharing tips like this will help reduce stress and allow you to be fully present with your significant other during your session.